• U.F.O    Volume 5-8    (DVD)   NEW!  Ed Bishop
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This 1970s live-action Gerry Anderson sci-fi series is set in (the then-futuristic world of) 1980, a time when alien invaders have begun to kidnap humans for ghastly purposes. Earth's only hope is the secret SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), led by Commander Ed Straker (Ed Bishop). This four-disc set features the 13 final episodes from the first (and only) season, including "Confetti Check A-O.K.," "Kill Straker!," "The Sound of Silence," "The Cat with 10 Lives," "Reflections in the Water," "The Long Sleep," and more.
Leading Role 1 Ed Bishop
Leading Role 2 George Sewell
Leading Role 3 Michael Billington
Additional Roles by Gabrielle Drake, Vladek Sheybal, Wanda Ventham, Grant Taylor, Harry Baird, Peter Gordeno, Dolores Mantez, Antonia Ellis
Release Format DVD
Rating 12A/12
Release Year 2002
Genre Childrens
Additional Genre General
Language English
Running Time 650 minutes
EAN 5037115025234

U.F.O.VOLUME 5-8 DVD NEW & SEALED Episodes 14 to 26 from Gerry Anderson's sci-fi series. In 'Confetti Check A-O.K.' Straker remembers the early days of SHADO and the ways in which they effected his marriage. 'E.S.P.' sees John Croxley fall victim to alien mind control after a UFO crashes into his house. 'Kill Straker!' has Foster begin a campaign to undermine Straker's authority. 'Sub-Smash' finds Straker, Foster and Nina trapped at the bottom of the ocean in a damaged submarine. 'The Sound of Silence' sees Foster investigate a mysterious lake. 'The Cat With Ten Lives' has SHADO revise its theories about the aliens. In 'Destruction' the SHADO team become suspicious when the Navy tries to prevent any investigation into a mid-Atlantic confrontation with a UFO. 'The Man Who Came Back' has astronaut Craig Collins return to SHADO after being presumed dead. 'The Psychobombs' sees the aliens make specially-gifted super-villains out of three ordinary citizens. In 'Reflections in the Water' Straker uncovers a cunning alien plot to breach SHADO defences. 'Timelash' sees the SHADO personnel trapped in time. 'Mind Bender' has the astronaut Conroy discover a moon diamond with strange powers. Finally, 'The Long Sleep' finds Straker trying to unlock the secret hidden deep within Catherine Fraser's memory.

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U.F.O Volume 5-8 (DVD) NEW! Ed Bishop

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